Friday, April 16, 2010

My One Night In Vegas

I was in Vegas, it was about 8pm, I called and set up an appointment with 2 escorts from the cards pushed in your face on the strip, it was for the following morning. I got cold feet and at about 5am, the morning of the appointment, I called and canceled. I told them that a meeting with co workers had come up and they would be in my room at that time and that if I had time in the afternoon I would let them know. It got to be 9:30am and the company gave me a call just to make sure I was positive I wanted to cancel with the girls. I asked how much it was again and they reminded me of the initial fee to get them naked and that they would negotiate additional donations once they were in the room. I really wanted to do it, even then, but I said I was sure. They came anyway. I must not have been convincing to them, I shouldn't have asked the price again. lol Once they were in my face it was allot harder to say NO, and I'm sure they knew that.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What About Morals?

I was staying with a friend in the same room at a Las Vegas hotel when we were visiting for the National Finals Rodeo. I'm a very open minded guy and thought my friend was as well. I wanted to send for one of those escorts you hear so much about. Every time I was ready, my roommate would not leave the room and try and preach to me about morals. Whatever, I decided to get another room instead, then I didn't have to wait on him to leave or listen to him rant about anything else I was doing. Should have done it earlier in our stay. I had more fun alone in the other room than I did sharing a room with his stale ass. The Vegas escort was even better than i thought it would be so I'm glad i finally got the other room.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bravo Las Vegas - Gotta Love It

I was playing blackjack at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas the other night. I had been down all night. Just when I was getting ready to call it quits, my fantasy girl sat down next to me and told me she was there to give me GOOD LUCK. As LUCK would have it, she was right. I won my money back and then some in a very short period of time. When she got up to leave she handed me a business card with a website address on it. She works for one of the escort agencies in Vegas, unbelievable! I did go online once I was in my room, asked them to send the girl I was playing cards with. BRAVO! I love Las Vegas escorts!

See My Side Of Things

I thoroughly enjoy debate and will express my opinions ardently and argue against those who disagree that getting an escort while in Las Vegas is the best idea you could have. However, I can’t say that, beyond this, I’ve been actively involved in changing minds. But if it comes up, you can be sure that I’ll argue and try to get those who disagree to see my side of things.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do Men Prefer Tall Black Escorts In London ?

Which women are more attractive to man? With the intention of who are nice, effortless and reachable or sub- versa impregnable, inaccessible and intractable? There are atypical ideas, opinions about this ask from "gentlemen prefer drunken black escorts in London" till "woman have be strong, like stronghold, fortress".
Once ahead a time four relatively famed psychologists examined alterations, goods and minuses of London duos and inaccessible women. The most important knowledge was that attractive and stylish, gorgeous escorts are not so indispensable for guy. It's an easy booty; in company such a girl can be intense stupid and not interesting to people. Too, you cannot be persuade that women will not go with another guy.
An indestructible escort is a hope of all poets. When a gentleman spends a time for attaining a women, when it is long, demanding and not an easy fight with pitch of other candidates, he will be cheerful to be with such a quick, quick lady and reverence her every one his life.
Psychologists resolute to manage no choice but to brew a minor experimentation. They asked five tall UK escorts to tell their faithful, permanent consumers that they are preparation to go in the Academic world for enriching their data; so they must be more choosy and are not skilled to have meetings with every single one their mates.
The effects were futile, inopportune and depressed for call-girls. All five patrons have certainly not called up over to those fellow travelers. Chaps were not fascinating in rich and knowledgeable escorts.
Past this research scientists approved to stop the tests. So, still nowadays we are not sure which women are more motivate and desirable to chaps?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

And The Winner Is....Her Big Naked Ass

Im an ass man and the mere sight of the escort i saw in Vegas was over the top. Her big naked ass was enough to send the best of men or women into a frenzy. Just imagine how much fun that big phat ass would be to play with and suddenly you begin to drool like a new born baby. Of course she was well aware of this and, she likes nothing better than to know she has that effect on us men and women. Naughty little girl she was. I would love for my wife to have been there, she would have loved her too.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Las Vegas Weekend Warrior

Las Vegas is always happening on the weekends, and you can almost always find great travel deals, making Vegas a great weekend destination from any part of the country. If your goal is to score a super discount on a Las Vegas hotel for a weekend, think about the times when demand for rooms has slacked off. Big conventions can fill up a lot of the larger hotels, so check the convention schedule first. Bear in mind that some times of the year (late spring before schools are out; August and September, excluding Labor Day weekend) are pretty safe bets for mega-deals on great hotels. Also keep in mind that the escort agencies that have been around for several years often offer discounts. Many of these Las Vegas hotels are great places to stay when you want to get a steep discount, have some adult fun for reasonable cost and still stay at a great hotel.